2020 Cyber Security for Small Business

While hackers target small businesses as low-hanging fruit, shrewd business owners know there are resources and strategies they can leverage to protect their assets. Complacency is never an option – why put your reputation, intellectual property and financial well-being at risk?

Join us for a powerful afternoon as we delve into tools and knowledge to hone your small business cybersecurity strategy. Our expert speakers from government and industry will empower you to understand the threats, mitigate risk, navigate federal regulations and know what to do when incidents arise.

Who should attend? Business owners and their payroll, HR and IT staff.


1:30-1:45 PM
Introduction to Today’s Threats and Resources to Mitigate Them
The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic crisis have magnified the importance of strong cybersecurity and resiliency programs, especially to small and medium businesses. You’ll hear how bad actors have taken advantage of the pandemic uncertainty and expanded remote workforce environments to dramatically increase attacks to steal CARES Act moneys, employee and customer identity records and more.  We’ll point you to free government resources to improve your security posture and help protect your organization.

Speaker: Brian McDonald, District Director, U.S. Small Business Administration

1:45-2:00 PM
Government Resources for Small Business
As a small business owner, you have enough to do without worrying about ‘one more thing’. Cybersecurity threats are here now and they are real threats to your business survival. This session will share a range of tools, from simple to sophisticated, to protect your business. The SBDC (Small Business Development Center) is the nation-wide program specifically missioned to help small business entrepreneurs succeed. Now more than ever you’re advised to take advantage of these SBDC resources.

Speaker:  Lyle J. Wright, MM, EDFP | Associate State Director, Mn Small Business Development Center program (Mn_SBDC)

2:00-2:30 PM
Efficiently Managing Risk as a Small Business
Small businesses face all types of risks and finding a trusted partner that will work ‘elbow-to- elbow’ with you to identify, understand, and manage these risks is paramount.  Small businesses are an attractive target to cybercriminals.  Listen to real world stories from our strategic leaders from Bremer Financial on how to shore up your working knowledge of cyber security threats and deploy cost-effective risk management practices.

Speakers:  Joseph Chow, SVP & Director, Specialized Business Services; Elwin Loomis, Digital Strategy Director, Bremer Bank and Presenters

2:30-3:00 PM
A Cost-Effective Model to Safeguard Your Small Business from Cybersecurity Threats
Small businesses are key components of enterprise organization supply chains.  In some cases, you are their sole source for essential products.  A ransomware attack or the inability to meet important federal government cybersecurity requirements can have a severe impact and potential put your company out of business.  Learn how to safeguard your business and meet new federal regulations such as CMMC with a cost-effective practical approach to minimize cybersecurity risk while not breaking the bank. 

Speaker: CAPT Scott Singer, USN (ret), President of CyberNINES, past Executive Officer of a Pacific Fleet Cybersecurity Unit (NR CPF MOC DET 601)

3:00-3:30 PM
How the Government is Helping Small Businesses Build a Defense
Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is a government agency which oversees Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security relating to the nation’s critical infrastructure. Chris Gabbard will join us to give his perspective on the myriad of risks that small business are facing, how Department of Homeland Security (DHS) fits into the cycle and share the resources that DHS offers, including guidance on remote workforce and ransomware.

Speaker: Christopher Gabbard, Cybersecurity Advisor, Region V, Minnesota, CISA, DHS

3:30-4:00 PM
Protecting Your Business Now & What to do when you have an Incident
This panel will bring it home for small businesses to discuss actionable tasks. When you need third party support and what you need to do to better protect your company.

Moderator:  Jill Allison, CISSP, CEO, Shuriken Cyber, Inc.

4:15-4:30 PM
Key Session Takeaways
Recap of vital resources and importance of a pragmatic cyber strategy for defending your business!

Speaker: Elwin Loomis, Digital Strategy Director, Bremer Bank and Presenters

4:30-5:00 PM
Virtual Expo
Drop into our virtual resource center to find trusted service providers to help you defend your company, corporate assets and your customers.

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Committee Members

Jill Allison, Shuriken Cyber, Inc.
Lauren S. Beecham Henry, Bremer Bank
Joseph Chow, Bremer Bank
Twila Kennedy, SBA
Elwin Loomis, Bremer Bank
Scott Singer, CyberNines
Lyle Wright, SBDC

As Summit co-founder Eileen Manning stresses in the cover story for Upsize Magazine, “Cyber security is fundamental for small businesses that work with larger companies, which require it – not to mention for pure survival.”
Summit Co-founder

According to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), small businesses are at a higher risk of cyberattacks than larger businesses. DHS has provided a set of resources specifically for small businesses at Stop.Think.Connect. Small Business Resources.