IT / OT / IoT Convergence Seminar

Monday, October 25, 2021

The Internet of Perilous Things: Converging IT, OT and IoT and What You Need to Know

The IT/OT/IoT Convergence Seminar from 12:00 – 3:00 p.m. will showcase thought leaders, strategies, opportunities, and use and business cases of implementing Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) security solutions across this broad spectrum of industries. IT, OT and IoT Cyber Security decision makers and practitioners will discuss and evaluate the security risks in the context of IoT/IIoT/ICS/SCADA, to create insights into new technologies and best practices of securing smart, connected operations and facilities, and to progress necessary cyber security function.

Sample Topics from 2020 Summit:

IT/OT Convergence, A Digitalization & Cybersecurity Ripple Effects
Thanks to the Internet of Things and its emerging landscape, it facilitates IT/OT network convergence and creating a paradigm shift in digitalization and automation. Thus Cybersecurity becomes the mission-critical for businesses to sustain a secure network. This session will focus on the critical elements of IT/OT/IoT network security and privacy and the cybersecurity initiatives to improve the security posture of the business.

Landscape IoT Risk Threats across the National Critical Functions (NCFs)
Operational Technology (OT) is the cyber physical interface that allows computers, and the networks that connect them, to monitor and control devices that run our critical infrastructure. Information Technology (IT) is the customer relationship systems, often facing the internet, that allow us to do business. Over the past several years these systems and services have been attacked and compromised creating not only direct effects of loss of service, but second and third order effects undermining our way of life. This presentation sets up the operational context to discuss these threats from criminals and nation states, and understand how we can exercise to be more resilient as organizations and communities.

Securing IoT and OT Devices in Manufacturing – Your State of Security
Manufacturing systems and devices traditionally have been challenging to defend. Not anymore.

Cyber Security Supply Chain of Events
Globalization of markets, trade, resources, manufacturing and distribution create key supply chain cyber security risk management challenges. Supply chain resiliency and threat mitigation is only as strong as the weakest member. Cyber threats will make use of this by identifying the organization with the weakest cyber security defenses. Learn to apply best practices and security frameworks to maintain comprehensive supply chain continuity.

Implications of Data Security for Connected Devices

IT / OT / IoT – Cyber Defense and Best Practices
In this session we will discuss how traditionally unconnected devices are now being connected and operating in a mixed IT, OT and IOT environment.  The discussion will then explore best practices to safely connect and operate in these environments while maintaining a secure and predictable business environment.

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