Cyber Security Summit announces the Visionary Leadership Award Winners

Cyber Security Summit

Minneapolis (October 19, 2020) – The Cyber Security Summit is pleased to announce the 2020 Visionary Leadership Award winners.  The Summit gathers leaders globally to discuss, train and address cyber security problems facing our nation and the world. Programming is driven by the Cyber Security Summit Think Tank, whose members represent industry and government across the 16 critical infrastructures.  

The Visionary Founders Award is given to the individuals who over the years have worked to build the Cyber Security Summit and thereby globally heighten the awareness to cyber threats, share solutions and build a global cyber community. 

This year’s winners are:

  • Jill Allison, Chair, Board of Directors, WiCyS MN Affiliate; President, Shuriken
  • Anne Bader, Founder, The International Cybersecurity Dialogue, LLC
  • Sean Costigan, Professor, George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies; Director and Co-Founder, ITL Security
  • Loren Dealy Mahler, President, Dealy Mahler Strategies, LLC
  • Matthew J Harmon, Cyber Defense Infrastructure Architect, Global Technology, Accenture
  • Tim Crothers, VP Security Solutions, Target
  • David La Belle, Security Business Systems Analyst, NorSec
  • David Notch, Enterprise Security & Cloud Architect, Medtronic
  • Catharine Trebnick, VP Equity Research (Security and UCaaS), Colliers International

The winners will be recognized during the Opening General Session, Oct. 27, 8 a.m., during the Cyber Security Summit.  Tickets for the Summit are available at

Visionary leaders from across the cyber security ecosystem were eligible to receive awards, which are known as “Morrie Awards™.” The awards are named after Robert Tappan Morris, the American computer scientist who notably created the first computer worm on the Internet. He later went on to make significant contributions to computer networking as well as co-found the funding firm Y Combinator and receive tenure at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Details and registration information for the Tenth Annual Cyber Security Summit can be found at

About Cyber Security Summit

The virtual Tenth Annual Cyber Security Summit, “The Ripple Effect,” takes place Oct. 26-28, 2020, with production based out of Minneapolis, Minn.  The Summit gathers more than 1,000 national and international leaders from the 16 critical infrastructure sectors.  The summit provides opportunities to train with top cybersecurity experts on how to combat the constant stream of sophisticated attacks on the nation’s companies, infrastructure and government.  Options are available to attend focused half-day events on Healthcare and Med Device, Women in Cyber Security, In-house Legal Counsel, and Cyber Security for Small Businesses.  For 2020 over 15 sessions on Monday are free to attend, thanks to the underwriting of some of Minnesota’s top corporations.

The Cyber Security Summit is led by a 49-person Think Tank, composed of the top leaders in business, healthcare, finance, law, transportation, and government, which meets monthly to discuss the issues facing professionals in the field. To stay up-to-date on the Summit and cybersecurity issues, sign-up for the monthly newsletter and follow the Cyber Security Summit on social media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube.  using the hashtag #cybersummitMN.  For details, visit


Health care organizations are striking back at cyberattacker

Star Tribune

In 2018, throughout the United States, the health care sector saw 15 million patient records compromised in 503 breaches. This was three times the number seen in 2017, according to the Protenus Barometer report, a quarterly snapshot of disclosed breaches impacting the health care industry.

Cyberattacks in health care are similar to attacks on enterprise organizations: publicly available vulnerability exploit kits (or preconfigured hacking tools) combined with misconfiguration and coding errors provide an open door for an aspiring hacker.

In fact, hacking has turned into a lucrative day job with better hours, higher pay and less risk/consequence compared to other illegal activities. It only takes one vulnerability in a single device to shut down an entire network and/or hospital until a ransom is paid. And on the black market, a single patient health record can sell for $1,000.

Hackers probe and scan the state of Minnesota’s computers 3 million times per day. As a major health care hub, Minnesota has a host of high-profile health care insurance companies, medical device manufacturers, and provider networks, all of which face threats against cybersecurity every day.

Recently, we spoke with several health care IT experts in Minnesota, who all said cybersecurity has become a pivotal focus in their day-to-day planning activities. Whether securing protected personal health information (PHI) or safeguarding against targeted device attacks, cybersecurity is no longer an afterthought but, instead, something that is addressed in the early stages of IT development.


Cover Story-Surviving a cyber attack

Upsize Magazine

Cyber security is a vital topic for small businesses for a couple reasons, she says. First, large companies are requiring small business partners to fill out lengthy security questionnaires to show that their cyber practices are secure before they can ever do business together.

Second, statistics show that many, if not most, businesses affected by an attack don’t survive. The upside for small businesses, Manning says, is there are a lot of steps they can take to protect their businesses and any companies they partner with that don’t cost a ton.

Businesses seem to be noticing the importance of cybersecurity, she says. She’s expecting at least a couple hundred small businesses to attend.

“It’s not like back in the 50s and 60s,” she says. “When the military wanted to protect us they could point a missile at Cuba. Today we are being attacked while we are sitting in our living room with our fuzzy slippers on. We aren’t even aware they are in the door.”


Why the cybersecurity industry needs regulation

Finance & Commerce

Bruce Schneier, author of “Click Here to Kill Everybody,” argued that government regulation of the cybersecurity industry is necessary on Oct. 24 at the Cyber Security Summit in Minneapolis.


Privacy vs. security debate plays out amid data scandals

Finance & Commerce

Matthew Rhoades, managing director of the Aspen Institute’s cybersecurity and technology program, discussed the implications of the eternal tug of war between privacy and security considerations for technology policy and corporate governance.


Minneapolis cybersecurity conference isn’t just for geeks

Finance & Commerce

The main summit will take place on Oct. 23 and 24, with optional sessions on Oct. 22 covering health care and medical device security, security best practices for developers and the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation framework.


GSX 2018 Continues 63-Year Tradition As An Integrated Trade Show

The Cyber Security Summit will co-locate with GSX, offering cyber security programming at a time when it is needed the most. Top government, industry and academic thought leaders will engage in a dialog to improve the state of cyber security.


Cyber Security Summit Announces 2018 Visionary Leadership Award Winners

The Summit has given awards to top leaders in industry, government and academia since 2015. However, this year the awards program was expanded to include a wider array of visionaries.


Former Treasury Official Patrick O’Brien Joins Cyber Security Summit Board

Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Patrick O’Brien has joined the Advisory Board of the Cyber Security Summit.


Cyber Security Summit at the Global Security Exchange (GSX) Announces Agenda

The security industry’s flagship event GSX is expected to draw 550 exhibitors and more than 20,000 operational and cybersecurity professionals for the five-day program Sept. 23-27 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The co-located Cyber Security Summit will be held Sept. 26-27.


Experts gather in Twin Cities to discuss protecting medical targets from hackers

Star Tribune

Cybersecurity experts look for best practices to thwart unauthorized access.


Cybersecurity Series Brings Medical Device, Healthcare Delivery Industries Together


When it comes to securing medical devices against cyberattacks and defending patients’ protected health information, medical device manufacturers and health delivery organizations (HDOs) are fighting the same fight—but they might not always be on the same page.


Minnesota puts spotlight on cybersecurity


When industry, government and higher education representatives gathered in late October for a Cyber Security Summit in Minneapolis, it was hardly the first time the state had put a focus on the topic.


Cyber threats ‘escalating at a rapid rate’

Finance & Commerce

Threats are darkening the digital landscape at an alarming rate, and the business community is not doing enough to confront the issue. That was the gist of “When the Levee Breaks,” an information-packed talk delivered Wednesday at the Cyber Security Summit 2017 in Minneapolis.


Experts Urge Healthcare Facilities, Device Makers to Redouble Efforts to Address Cybersecurity Challenge


The healthcare technology industry has yet to develop a full understanding of the cybersecurity landscape and has a narrow view of its potential vulnerabilities, according to several experts who spoke at the Cyber Security Summit 2017 in Minneapolis, MN.


Daily Digest: Cybersecurity and the state

Minnesota Public Radio

Gov. Mark Dayton told a gathering of cybersecurity experts in Minneapolis Tuesday that he has trouble sleeping when he dwells too long on the possible damage hackers could do to state government. He said the obsolescence of many state computer systems has ironically protected them from attacks. Dayton got only a fraction of the spending he proposed for technology and cybersecurity upgrades last session. He plans to try again next year. But he told reporters after his speech that it’s been a tough concept to sell. “It’s hard when it’s in competition for funding with somebody’s rundown bridge or a needed new college library or even a new snowmobile trail to compete and get that level of priority and funding that it needs.” Some Republican lawmakers say they were willing to spend the money, but Dayton sent it to state employees instead.


Legislators hope ‘Passport’ will help ID theft victims get lives back

Kare 11 News

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month and Governor Dayton kicked off an international Cyber Security Summit in Minneapolis on Tuesday by arguing for more funding to keep residents and state data safe from future threats.

“In state government we have a lot of work to do to get where we need to be,” Dayton said.

Shortly after Dayton’s remarks, two Republican legislators at the the state capitol unveiled their plans to introduce legislation that will help victims of past cyber security breaches get their lives back.


Cyber Security Summit Aims To Protect Community

5 Eyewitness News

The two-day Cyber Security Summit that takes place every year in the Twin Cities features nationally recognized security experts together in one room attempting to fight against foreign and domestic attacks.

For the average Minnesotan, what’s being discussed in the meeting room impacts personal banking, trade secrets and even the Super Bowl.


Dayton, Lawmakers to Tackle Cybersecurity

5 Eyewitness News

Gov. Mark Dayton told those in attendance at Cyber Security Summit 2017 in Minneapolis that he plans to try to boost spending to protect the state from millions of daily cyber attacks.

“The state of Minnesota is attacked over three million times every day,” Dayton saidr. “The attacks originate from over 150 countries.”


Cyber Security Increasingly Becoming A Concern For Lawmakers

CBS Minnesota

Security breaches at Equifax exposed the private financial data of 150 million consumers.

Stolen bank cards and Social Security numbers make identity theft much more likely for those affected by the breach.

In response, Republican lawmakers in Minnesota are proposing a special state license for consumer who are victims of identity theft.


Fight against hackers continues at the Cyber Security Summit

Fox 9 News

The internet’s not going away–and neither are criminals.

That means the Cyber Security Summit 2017, inside the Minneapolis Convention Center through Wednesday, could be among the best shields against the web’s perpetual menace: hackers.

“This really is more like the defense of a city than like a war,” said Andrew Borene, the Summit’s Chairman Emeritus. “This year we’ve got more than 800 leaders from businesses, the government and academia coming together to discuss best practices and solutions to help make a safer more secure cyber space.”


Dayton Tells Security Conference Minnesota Prone To Cyber Attacks

CBS Minnesota

Governor Mark Dayton today told a national cyber-security conference meeting in Minneapolis that Minnesota’s state computer systems are prone to attack, Pat Kessler reports


Cyber Security Experts Convene In Minneapolis

CBS Minnesota

Mary McGuire reports on the problems under discussion at the Cyber Security Summit


Cyber Security Summit Announces Chairman Emeritus Andrew Borene and 2017 Advisory Board

Cyber Security Summit is pleased to announce that defense industry executive and national security attorney Andrew Borene has been named as Chairman Emeritus. Borene has served as both Chair and Co-Chair of previous summits in the Twin Cities.


Bloomington Hosts Cyber Security Summit 2016

KSTP TV Channel 5 

Cyber Security Summit 2016 is drawing leaders from around the world to Bloomington this week. It brings together people from the private and public sectors, from the Department of Homeland Security to Security tech company Symantec.


MN.IT’s Chris Buse Named Public Sector Visionary Leader of the Year by Cyber Security Summit 2016

Chris Buse, Chief Information Security Officer for the State of Minnesota, has been named this year’s Public Sector Visionary Leader of the Year by the Cyber Security Summit.


Brian Isle named Private Sector Visionary Leader of the Year by Cyber Security Summit 2016

Brian Isle, senior fellow at the University of Minnesota’s Technological Leadership Institute and co-founder and former CEO of Adventium Labs, has been named this year’s Private Sector Visionary Leader of the Year by Cyber Security Summit 2016.


U.S. Cyber Security Experts to Convene in Minneapolis for Cyber Security Summit 2016

The event will feature U.S. Under Secretary Suzanne Spaulding, who is charged with protecting our nation’s critical infrastructure from cyber risk, as well as the former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency and cyber representatives from Fortune 500 companies including Target, IBM, UnitedHealth Group, AT&T and more.


Cyber Security Summit Returns to Minneapolis

Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota ® (BBB) is once again a supporter of Cyber Security Summit 2016, which will be held October 11-12 at Mall of America in Minneapolis. The purpose of the Summit is to bring business leaders and experts in IT and cyber security together, along with representatives from academia, government and law enforcement, to pool knowledge and resources and provide solutions to a growing range of cyber threats.


Cyber Security Summit Recognized among 2016 Titans of Technology

Minneapolis St.Paul Business Journal

On April 14th, Cyber Security Summit was acknowledged for its contributions towards Minnesota’s innovative ecosystem of business and technology.Eileen Manning, Cyber Security Summit executive producer, was honored for her role in growing the Summit in its six years and keeping this critical subject at the forefront of discussions.


Specialist from NIST shares small business cyber security fundamentals

Cyber Security Business

A computer security specialist from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recently addressed a gathering of small and mid-sized business people at the 2015 Cyber Security Summit in Minneapolis.


U Of M Technological Leadership Institute hosts 2015 Cyber Security Summit

University of Minnesota

Annual two-day conference brings nationally-renowned experts together to improve the state of cyber security.


Former U.S. Counterterrorism Tsar Matthew Olsen to Keynote Cyber Security Summit 2015 in Minneapolis

Mr. Olsen served as General Counsel for the National Security Agency and held key roles at the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


OPM Data Hack may Cause Extra Alarm for Troops

Marine Corps Times

The largest data hack in government history could leave some troops at risk of having their personal information exploited or exposed. Cyber Security Chairman Andrew Borene shares his perspective.


How Secure is Your Data?

Minnesota Public Radio

Cyber Security Summit advisory board member Eran Kahana was one of the featured guests during a recent Friday Roundtable on MPR News. The discussion centered on data security, surveillance and privacy issues. The other guests were Bruce Schneier, security technologist and author of “Data and Goliath,” and J. Brian Atwood, Chair of the Development Assistance Committee for the OECD.


New Cyber Security Intelligence Center

Beta Critical Mention

Cyber Security Summit Chairman, Andrew Borene, talks with Al Jazeera America about the new cyber security intelligence center.


U Of M Hosts 4th Annual Cyber Security Summit

WCCO Channel 4

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Cyber security experts are calling the last twelve months “the year of the large scale breach.” With companies like Target and Home Depot being hacked, leaders in the business and technology communities are teaming up to end cyber security crime. On Tuesday, the University of Minnesota held the 4th annual Cyber Security Summit. More than 350 cyber security leaders from 21 states and seven countries attended. WCCO’s Kate Raddatz was among them at the summit.


Cyber Security Experts in Minneapolis as Data Breach Concerns Rise

Rick Kupchella’s – Bring Me the News

The nation’s top cyber security experts are descending on Minneapolis this week after a year of high-profile data protection failures affecting millions of consumers.

The fourth annual Cyber Security Summit, being held at The Commons Hotel at the University of Minnesota, opened Tuesday as news broke that Staples is investigating a possible data breach in the Northeast, NBC reports.

If a breach occurred, the Massachusetts-based company would become the latest in a growing line of national chains targeted by hackers in the past 12 months, with notable others including Home Depot, JP Morgan Chase and, of course, Twin Cities retail giant Target.

Target was the victim of one of the biggest attacks in November and December last year, as hackers compromised around 40 million customers’ credit and debit cards. Forbes put the total cost of the breach to shareholders at almost $150 million.

It is because of these major breaches that this year’s Cyber Security Summit is considered to be the most important one yet, and a news release for the event says the issue of large-scale breaches will be tackled head on by the 300 government, business and academic experts in attendance.


Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton Proclaims October 2014 Cyber Security Awareness Month

The state of Minnesota recognizes that it has a vital role in identifying, protecting, and responding to cyber threats, which may have a significant impact to our individual and collective security and privacy.


Plugged In: October 2014

Twin Cities Business

With speakers from the nation’s front lines of cyber security, including Stewart Baker, former assistant secretary of homeland security. This summit, sponsored by Symantec and law firm Maslon, is for tech professionals, business executives, managers, lawyers and policymakers. Learn how to combat the complex and growing problem of cyber security to ensure your business information is protected. Session topics include password security, cyber resiliency, and liability.


Minneapolis Hosts the 2014 Cyber Security Summit Oct. 21-22

Minnesota Business Magazine

Cyber Security Summit 2014 has announced its lineup of keynote speakers. The two-day Summit, held on October 21-22 at The Commons Hotel in Minneapolis, will bring together business leaders, policymakers and security researchers to learn about the issue of cyber security and collaborate on solutions to the problem.


Cyber Security Summit 2014 Announces Keynote Speakers


Cyber Security Summit 2014 has announced its lineup of keynote speakers. The two-day Summit, held on October 21-22 at The Commons Hotel in Minneapolis, will bring together business leaders, policymakers and security researchers to learn about the issue of cyber security and collaborate on solutions to the problem.


Andrew Borene Appointed to Chair of 2015 Cyber Security Summit


The 2014 Cyber Security Summit is less than two months away and will contain more actionable takeaways for attendees than ever before. However, with cyber threats showing no signs of slowing down, plans are already well underway for the 2015 Summit, beginning with today’s announcement of the 2015 Summit Chair: Andrew Borene.


Internet Security Threat Report 2014

Symantec Corporation

Symantec has established the most comprehensive source of Internet threat data in the world through the Symantec™ Global Intelligence Network, which is made up of more than 41.5 million attack sensors and records thousands of events per second. This network monitors threat activity in over 157 countries and territories through a combination of Symantec products and services such as Symantec DeepSight™ Threat Management System, Symantec™ Managed Security Services, Norton™ consumer products, and other third-party data sources.