Public Sector Track

at the 2021 Cyber Security Summit

Monday, October 26, 2021

9:00 am – 3:30 pm followed by the networking reception in the Expo Hall

The public sector – it’s more than the government. Our way of life is organized, delivered, and made possible by countless publicly controlled or publicly funded agencies, enterprises, and other entities delivering a wide range of products, services, and programs. And as citizens and taxpayers we expect quality, convenience, and cost-effectiveness from all of these. But the promise of technology and connectivity to deliver these benefits is being undermined by the cybersecurity perils that plague our entire economy and undermine our confidence. 

In this track, we will focus on the cyber challenges faced by State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial governments and the ecosystem that operates around them. We’ll stand back and examine the cyber state-of-play for SLTTs as a whole, and also drill down to specific examples. We’ll look at what this community has in common both internally as well as with the economy at large. What are the challenges that all of us face, like budgets, policy, building a cyber workforce? How can we leverage and synchronize with Federal activities? We’ll also examine the role of the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center as both an information and a services hub for this entire community. And more importantly, what resources can we share, and what lessons can we learn from each other?

Target Audience:  municipality, city, county, state, tribal CISOs, Chief Security Officers, CROs, CIO, CTOs, County Commissioners, those involved with exposure to cyber risk. GRC Governance, Risk and Compliance officers and those involved with Data Privacy. Possibly Chief Financial Officers that have to manage to risk.  

Preliminary Topics:

The State of the States (and Local/Tribal/Territorial Governments)

Avoid a Cyber Splash!
Protecting our water, power, transportation, utilities

Personal Tech, Personal Attack
Speaking for the victims, esp people, small businesses
Growth of standardized reporting, support services (Cybercrime Support Network)

“Reasonable” Cyber practices: A Survey of Legislation, Regulation
Panel: Build on Ohio Data Breach Protection Act, etc. 
Technology view + legal/regulatory view

Cyber Survivor: Getting Started
“cyber hygiene” as starting point
First day, first dollar

IT Operations or Cybersecurity? Pick any two! 
Making best cyber use of IT infrastructure, “the best you can do with what you own”
Integrating cyber into IT modernization programs, digital transformation

State/Local Grants, Funding for Social Services – preserving your investment! 
Integrating cyber practices for both givers and receivers of funding

Smart Cities need Smart Cyber
Protecting citizens, service programs, infrastructure
NSPARC at MS State? 

Building a “Cyber Prime” Workforce on a Hamburger Budget
Hiring restrictions, tight budgets, cut-throat hi-tech competition?
How can public sector organizations find, attract, develop and retain cyber talent?
Lessons Learned, Best Practices.

From Tech Wizardry to Public Policy
What should every elected official or policy maker know about cybersecurity?
— without drowning in the tech details?
— and what do they wish the Cyber Wizards would understand?
What good examples can we learn from others?

Lunch Roundtablesin person attendees only
Lunch Personal Roundtable to talk amongst themselves on common topics/themes

Networking Reception at the end of the day

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