Virtual Access


Follow the steps below to set up your access to the virtual platform.

Do this at least 15 minutes prior to joining the Summit.

Already set-up your Discord account?

Just click here to sign back in:

Step 1:

Sign up for a Discord Account:

You must sign up using the same email address that you used to register for the Summit. If you cannot remember which one you used, please refer to your confirmation email from the Cyber Security Summit. Unable to find it? Reach out to and we will resend it to you.

Step 2:

Enter Info into Discord # registration Channel

After you gain access to Discord, on the far-left panel under the large Cyber Security Summit logo, find the # registration channel. Access the channel and then enter your Full Name and Email Address (or Ticket Number).

Security Note: Your email address on the registration page will be deleted as soon as we validate your identity.

Step 3:

Unlock Your Channels

After we have validated your identify to reveal all the channels that you have access to, click on the small Cyber Security Summit logo in the upper-left corner (image below).

Note: Because assigning permission is a manual process, we will need at least 15 minutes to grant you access to you channels. To avoid long delays, please enter this information prior to Monday. 

Step 4:

Familiarize yourself with Discord Channels and Functionalities

The Summit agenda will be grouped into categories (e.g. Monday Technical Session) with one or more channels that you can access (e.g. Tech Session 1-A) based on your ticket type. Most sessions will begin in voice channels, indicated by a speaker icon. 

Core Functionalities:

How to Use Text and Voice Channels

How to Voice Chat

How to Video Chat

How to Send Messages

How to Watch a Screen Share Stream

Troubleshooting & Support:
Voice and Video Troubleshooting

For live support, send a message to the # help-and-support channel.

Registration questions? Reach out to