Symantec Threat Report

Symantec recently released its latest Internet Security Threat Report, which looks back at data from last year and offers an analysis of what happened. Not surprisingly, the company labeled 2013 “The Year of the Mega Breach.”

“The total number of breaches in 2013 was 62 percent greater than in 2012 with 253 total breaches. It was also larger than the 208 breaches in 2011. But even a 62 percent increase does not truly reflect the scale of the breaches in 2013. Eight of the breaches in 2013 exposed more than 10 million identities each. In 2012 only one breach exposed over 10 million identities. In 2011, only five were of that size.”

Other trends identified in the report include the proliferation of social media scams and malware on mobile devices, attackers turning to the Internet of Things, and increased “zero-day vulnerabilities” (or vulnerabilities for which there is not yet a patch).

To download the complete report, click here: Internet Security Threat Report 2014

[ Image courtesy of Symantec ]