Air Force Cyber Security

TeleCommunication Systems, which specializes in secure mobile communication technology, today reported it has entered into a contract with E-volve Technology Systems to provide training services to the U.S. Air Force for its Cyber Operations Training Program. The subcontract includes a base award term of five months and two one-year option terms for a total possible value of $3.3 million.

The Air Force is funding the Cyber Operations Formal Training Support contract awarded to E-volve Technology Systems, and TeleCommunication Systems will provide training services including course planning, design and development; training, instruction and administration; technical analysis and courseware maintenance. Additionally, TeleCommunication Systems will provide advanced technical capabilities for the defense of simulated network attacks in a closed environment.

“By teaming with TCS, E-volve leverages its decade of exceptional technical and consulting services with TCS’ depth and breadth of cyber warfare training capabilities,” TeleCommunication Systems Chief Technology Officer Drew Morin said in a statement. “TCS is supporting the U.S. Air Force with its advanced cyber training services and capabilities used to build USCYBERCOM’s mission forces today and into the future.”

[ Photo courtesy of U.S. Air Force/Raymond McCoy ]