McAfee Labs recently released its June 2014 Threats Report. The report outlines key topics and threat statistics and is published every quarter.

The report dives into four key cyber security topics of the quarter, which include:

  • Almost 80 percent of the 300 Flappy Bird mobile game clones contained malware.
  • Malware botnets that have virtual currency-mining capabilities.
  • Despite previous decline, it is expected that rootkit-based attacks will begin to increase in the near future.
  • Mobile platform protection is not enough to keep mobile apps safe.

The report also includes statistics about mobile malware, malware, web threats, messaging threats and network threats. According to the report, “In just one year, the total number of mobile malware samples has grown by 167 percent.” The number of suspect URLs has also increased to over 18 million in 2014.

Click here to read the full report.

[ photo courtesy of McAfee Labs ]