In a new cyber crime report released last week, IT security provider Trend Micro makes a number of predictions for 2015 and beyond, including a rise in targeted attacks and an increase in the severity of online banking and other financially motivated attacks.

“The growing risks online banking threats pose should motivate individuals and organizations alike to use the two-factor authentication measures and hardware or session tokens that banks and other financial institutions provide,” the company says in the report. “Payment card providers in the United States and other countries, meanwhile, should put data security at the forefront by making the use of chip-and-PIN cards and PoS terminals mandatory, especially amid the breaches hitting big-name companies left and right.”

The report, titled “The Invisible Becomes Visible,” also highlights the problem of darknets (peer-to-peer networks where sharing is anonymous), the vulnerabilities of mobile devices and the possibility of new threats that target mobile-payment methods.

The full report is available for download here. 

[ image courtesy of Trend Micro ]