After a slew of cyber attacks in 2014, the FBI has taken notice and is seeking out experienced cyber professionals to join their team, according to a report in the Chicago Tribune last week.

The job post lists a variety of potential assignments, including investigations of cyber-based terrorism, computer intrusions, online exploitation and major cyber fraud schemes.

Cyber special agents are expected to meet the same criteria as other special agents — including passing rigorous background and fitness tests — in addition to possessing expertise in computers and technology. Agents must be at least 23 and no older than 37. Preferred backgrounds include computer programming and security, database administration, malware analysis, digital forensics and ethical hacking.

“The FBI seeks highly talented, technically trained individuals who are motivated by the FBI’s mission to protect our nation and the American people from the rapidly evolving cyber threat,” said Robert Anderson, Jr., executive assistant director for the Bureau’s Criminal, Cyber, Response, and Services Branch in a release from the FBI last week. 

The job posting can be found here and will be open until Jan. 20.

[ image courtesy of The Federal Bureau of Investigation ]