2016 Presentations

Investment Town Hall | Oct.10, 2016


Investing in Cyber
Anne Bader

Finding Cyber Gems and Steering Clear of

Potential Cybersecurity or Privacy Landmines
Chris Veltsos
Blockchain Technology
Bitcoin and Beyond

David Duccini


Full Summit – Day One | Oct.11, 2016


kevin_thompson_x bimj_x crothers_tim_x

2016 Cyber Security
Attacks by the numbers
Kevin Thompson

Training the Next Generation

Brian Isle + Mike Johnson

How to Attract and
Retain Cyber Talent
Tim Crothers



Cyber Security for Small + Mid-Sized Businesses | Oct.11, 2016


Thoughts on Cyber
Security from 
the SBA
Nancy Libersky

Cybersecurity – 7 Ways to Keep
your Small Business
Chris Veltsos

Reasons Businesses

Call a Cyber Lawyer
Phil Schenkenberg

Do Small Businesses

Need Cyber Insurance?
Jake Omann



Full Summit – Day Two | Oct.12, 2016


Leveraging Intelligence, Visualization, and

Analytics to Fight Advanced Cyber Threats
Bob Stasio

Ransomware: What is it and

How do I Respond?
Jay Spreitzer

Making the Best Common

Practice: The CIS Controls
Tony Sager




Anatomy of an Attach: Hack Stories
and How You are Being Infiltrated

Kevin Charest
Cyber After 2016
Dan Paltiel