2017 Presentations

Future-Proofing Medical Device Security | Oct.23, 2017

Threat Briefing:

Manufacturer View
Ken Hoyme

A boy and his
insulin pump(s)
 Jay Radcliffe

HDO Customer Needs
Dan Lyon
Cyber Risk Assessment
Stephanie Domas

Key Elements in

Secure by Design
Todd Carpenter

Overview of UL 2900
Justin Heyl

Building the Future
Ken Hoyme

Medical Device Cybersecurity

Seth Carmody

Investment Town Hall | Oct.23, 2017

Investor Town Hall
Catharine Trebnick
Next-Gen Techniques Replacing
Legacy Software Tools
Larry Whiteside Jr.
Lessons Learned
Joel Fulton
Discussion on Defense M&A
Jake Omann

Demystifying DevSecOps with Veracode  | Oct.23, 2017

DevOps – Security’s
Big Opportunity

Pete Chestna
Planning for a Responsive 
AppSec Program
Darren Meyer
DevSecOps @ Veracode
Chris Eng

Day 1 – Meet the Threat  | Oct.24, 2017

Collaboration and Capabilities
as Necessary Steps

Matt Loeb
The Dark Web
Scott Sweren
Real Life Lessons Learned
Hala Furst
Compliance Does Not
Equal Security

Rich Banta
Compliance ‘Alone’ is not
a Cybersecurity Strategy

Steen Fjalstad
Breaches and Sensitive

Evan Wolff
Securing Critical Infrastructure
in an Uncertain World

Massoud Amin
Anatomy of an Attack
Brad Antoniewicz
The Connected Worker and
the Enterprise of Things

Chris Greco

Cyber Security for Small and Mid-Size Businesses  | Oct.24, 2017

Resources to Prepare for
a Possible Cyberattack

Nancy Libersky
Welcome to the Community
Hala Furst
Legal Considerations
and Case Studies

Phil Schenkenberg
DIY Risk Assessments
Yan Kravchenko
Cyber Crisis Communications
Loren Dealy Mahler

Day 2 – Beat the Threat  | Oct.25, 2017

Maintaining Cyber Readiness in
an Evolving Threat Landscape

Brent Benson
Information Sharing to Better
Protect Companies in the U.S.

Drew Evans
Strengthening Your
Cybersecurity Posture

Faisal Bhutto
Running the Defense:
Securing the Super Bowl

Jim Libersky
The Greatest Gift – Making
Attacks Expensive

Bill Swearingen
Combating Short and Long-term
Cyber Threats

Dr. Stacey Dixon