For ten years we’ve been building the Cyber Security Summit into a successful platform to network thought leaders and those involved in the everyday defense of our cyber infrastructure.

In light of coronavirus (COVID-19) and its impact on public gatherings, we understand you may be evaluating your decision to attend this year’s Summit later this fall. Based on input from our country’s top cyber leaders, we are moving forward with planning October’s event. We remain cautiously optimistic that in the months leading up to the Summit, the virus will be better understood and contained. 

We want to ensure you that your health and safety remain top of mind. To keep you apprised of important coronavirus developments and their impact on the Summit, we’ve created a separate page on our website for the COVID-19 Update Log. Watch this space regularly where we will share key decisions made by our Summit leadership team, adjustments to the agenda, our on-site preparedness plan and more pertinent information.