By Dan Cunningham
March 16, 2021

Thank you to all critical infrastructure sectors for your continued focus and dedication during this challenging time. The Electric Sector continues working hard to “keep the lights on” and coordinate together on mitigation efforts related to COVID-19. One example is the joint work facilitated by the Electricity Subsector Coordinating Council and their key message during the COVID-19 response as follows: “Protecting the energy grid and ensuring a safe and reliable supply of electricity are the top priorities of the electric power industry.” 

One item of note that the ESCC provides is a COVID-19 Resource Guide that has been updated four times already to reflect the many lessons learned so far.  The guide includes considerations for information technology, sequestrations, COVID-19 testing, supply chain considerations, communications and other areas. Although this is a resource meant for the Electric Sector, the guide covers many pertinent topics that other sectors may find useful.  During this challenging time, I am humbled by what I am seeing with all of the great critical infrastructures, government agencies, and private citizens coming together to carry society through as we endeavor to discover the new normal.

– Steen

Steen Fjalstad is a member of the Cyber Security Summit Think Tank and currently works for Midwest Reliability Organization (MRO) as part of the Critical Infrastructure Protection team … full bio