2021 Summit Presentations

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Public Sector Workshop

For full session details, see page 12 in the online 2021 Summit Guide.

Welcome Kickoff
Rohit Tandon

Public Sector Cybersecurity: The State of the States, Local Governments, Tribes, and Territories
Eugene Kipniss

Why Your Organization’s Endpoint Data Is Your Greatest Source of Risk
Gary Buonacorsi

Critical Success Factors in Cybersecurity
Michael Gregg

How to Collaborate Cyber Intelligence and Sharing Cyber Resources
Col. Teri Williams

Grant Funding to Protect Technology from Cyber Threats
Stephen Ellis

Cybersecurity: Finding Common Ground in the Political Landscape
Jim Nash; Jacqui Irwin

Smart Cities / Safe Cities
Jerry Driessen

Find. Build. Keep. Opening a Cyber Shop in a Public Sector
Gretchen White; Andy Hanks

Public Sector Cyber Insurance
Ryan Spelman

Avoid a Cyber Splash
Darrell Kesti

A Better Playbook for the Public Security Cyber Team: Introduction to Programmatic Distributed Empowerment for Information Security (PDEIS™)
Evan Francen

Recommendations and Best Practices for Whole of State Governance to Mitigate Cyber Risk
John Gilligan

IT Operations: Your Cybersecurity Foundation
Andrew Coyne

Transforming Education and Cyber Operations
Shawn Riley

Technical Sessions

For full session details, see page 20 in the online 2021 Summit Guide.

Women in Cyber – Networking
Judy Hatchett

Women in Cyber – Namaste! Meditation and Mindfulness Session
Clark Whiting

Women in Cyber – Mentorships, The Circle of Life Panel
Tina Meeker; Milinda Rambel Stone; Amy Fox; Carey Lewis

Consider a Career in Cyber Panel
Judy Hatchett; Jennifer Czaplewski; Brigadier General Stefanie Horvath; Faisal Kaleem; Jim Nash

Taking a People-Centric Approach to Securing the Remote Workforce
Brian Reed

Women in Cyber – Building & Leading Diverse Teams is an Artform Panel
Tina Meeker; Keely Ross; William Scandrett; Adam Mishler

Did You Just Click That!?
Michael Wyatt

Cloud Email and Collaboration Vulnerabilities
Michael Hansen

The Significance of AI & ML in Cybersecurity
Tom Cameron

A walk on the darkside – exposing the ransomware actors
Dave Gold

Insights from Target’s Enterprise Journey to adopt FIDO
Tom Sheffield

Grow Your Security Operations Metrics
Alex Volk

CIAM in an Uncertain World
D. Keith Casey

Key Challenges, Tips and Findings on Effective Risk Management Programs
Bob Bennett

Hacktivism: Its past, present and future and what can we learn from it
Dr. Vasileios Karagiannopoulos

Cheaper by the Dozen: Application Security on a Limited Budget
Chris Romeo

Why Asset Management Fails for Cybersecurity (and How to Fix It)
John Seaman

Women in Cyber – Luncheon Keynote
Louise McEvoy


Solutions Strategy Stage

Interview with Blackberry

Healthcare & Med Device Seminar

For full session details, see page 26 in the online 2021 Summit Guide.

Mary Diner; Judy Hatchett

Healthcare Security Threat Landscape
Bill Aerts

What it Takes to Start a Medical Device Security Program
Benjamin Stock

Why Does Cybersecurity Asset Management Matter for Healthcare?
John Seaman

Mayo Clinic Cybersecurity Resilience Program
Debra Bruemmer; Sarah Jopp

Wrangling Ransomware Worry With Words
Judd Larson

Legal Aspects of Incident Response
Eran Kahana

Securing the Patient Journey – Lessons from the Trenches
Sumit Sehgal

The Human Element
Keith Ibarguen

Healthcare and the Cloud, what to be prepared for when moving or consuming applications to the cloud
Richard Scott; David Mott

Breaking into Medical Device Cybersecurity: Career Transition
Daniel Mooradian; Mike Johnson; Andrew Bomett; Shruti Iyers; Judd Larson

IoT/IIoT/ICS/SCADA Collaboration

For full session details, see page 30 in the online 2021 Summit Guide.

“Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.“ – Henry Ford
Paul Veeneman

A Private Sector Perspective on the OT Focused Executive Orders and Policies
Robert Lee; Karen Andersen

OT…Not just another form of IT Security
Joe Weiss

Vulnerability Risk Assessments Guidance on IOT Controls
Ted Gutierrez

Architecting a Successful Digital Transformation Solution
David Schultz

Here’s Where We Are, Don’t over Rotate
Jamison Utter

Cybersecurity for Small Business

For full session details, see page 34 in the online 2021 Summit Guide.

The New Normal
Lyle Wright

Resources for Even the Smallest Businesses
Brian McDonald

Practical Ways to Manage Risk as a Small Business panel
Melinda Rambel Stone; Joseph Chow; Laura Burr; Meredith Winegar; Robert Worden

Expanding Government Cybersecurity Requirements for Suppliers
Scott Singer

How the Government is Helping Small Business Build a Defense
Chris Gabbard

Cybersecurity Resources for Small Businesses – SBDC Cybersecurity Task Force
Earl Gregorich

Q&A Session for Taking Actionable Steps
Andrew Tellijohn; Christopher Gabbard; Milinda Rambel Stone; Earl Gregorich; Scott Singer


Solutions Strategy Stage

Interview with Zoom

Tuesday General Session

For full session details, see page 36 in the online 2021 Summit Guide.

Cyber Career Exploration
Rohit Tandon; Nancy Skuta

Opening Welcome
Mike Johnson; Eileen Manning; Allison Hubel

The Power and Peril of Connections
Jennifer Czaplewski; Wade Van Guilder

Solving the puzzle: Collaboration, Imagination and Cybersecurity
Jen Easterly

Staying out of Trouble: DOJ’s Former Top Cyber Prosecutor On Staying Safe
Brian Levine

Ransomware Panel
Tom Sheffield; Dan Hanson; Yan Kravchenko; Peter Martinson; Aaron McKee Campbell

Five hard questions for a cyber insurance broker
Mario Paez; Phil Schenkenberg

Defragging Our Cyber Strategy
Brigadier General Stefanie Horvath

Human Factors in Cybersecurity: Threats from Within
Sean Costigan; Andrew Borene; W. Anders Folk; Rebecca Morgan

Shift Left: Easier said than done
Larry Maccherone

Securing the Development & Supply Chain of Open Source Software (OSS)
Derek Weeks

Future Proof Security for a Connected World
Sam Curry

You CAN Stop Stupid
Ira Winkler

Wednesday General Session

For full session details, see page 39 in the online 2021 Summit Guide.

Visionary Leadership Awards
Christopher Buse

The Psychology behind Security Leadership: Making Strategic Impacts
Shayla Treadwell

How to leverage the power of ISACs
Christopher Buse; Carlos Kizzee; Ryan Miller

Forging the Future
Gary Sorrentino

Software Supply Chain Security Panel
Sailesh Gadia; Gretchen Block; Joyce Corell; Harshal Mehta

The Attack of the Cyber Supply Chain
Jon Ford

Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity Present and Future Role
Tony Lee

Threat Adaptation and the Commercialization of Cybercrime
Chris Mark

Work Your Way & Be Secure
Tris Lingen

Cyber Defense Operations in an Interconnected World
Tim Crothers

Adversary Trends: What You Need to Know
Jason Steer

Wrap Up and Practical Takeaways
Jennifer Czaplewski; Wade Van Guilder

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