December 16, 2021
by Eileen Manning, Co-Founder, Executive Producer, Cyber Security Summit

As we wrap up the year and reflect on another Cyber Security Summit, I want to express my gratitude to the army of people without whom this event and this organization could not exist. 

The 11th Annual Cyber Security Summit brought together over 1,000 cyber security professionals, tuning in from 21 countries and 43 states to engage in over 90 individual sessions. The planning, organization, and management of those many presentations required the hard work and dedication of so many people working for an entire year beforehand.

I want to express my thanks to the following:

Co-chairs Jennifer Czaplewski and Wade Van Guilder for driving the Power and Peril of Connection theme and whose frequently repeated mantra: “build an event you would attend” guided all our efforts.

Tom Sheffield led over 20 program committee members throughout the year to develop Summit General Session content.

Rohit Tandon and Carlos Kizzee led a committee to develop a full day of programming for the Public Sector discussion track.

Judy Hatchett and Mary Diner designed our Healthcare and Medical Device sessions.

Tina Meeker for the CyberWomen content. Starting with the morning networking, followed by brain hacking, or meditation, as the muggles call it.

Paul Veeneman pulled together a diverse set of perspectives for an afternoon examining the challenges posed by the Internet of Things.

Sean Costigan for his work as the engaging and inquisitive host of our monthly webinar series

Eagle-eyed content editors Loren Dealy Mahler and Christophe Veltsos for pouring over our monthly newsletter.

David LaBelle for his work securing our IT infrastructure.

Chris Buse for his work on the Visionary Leadership Awards.

Those think tank members who, led by David Notch, came on-site across the three days to provide technical support.

My staff at The Event Group, who worked tirelessly to produce this event with me.

Finally, all those who attended, for your tireless work in securing our increasingly complex digital environments and moving the needle towards a safer and more interconnected world.

With the help of so many people, 2021 was a great year for the Cyber Security Summit, and we look forward to seeing you all in 2022!

Eileen Manning

Eileen Manning is a 30-year entrepreneur specializing in strategic planning and marketing with a focus on technology events. She has worked at a top advertising agency and spent over a decade in management at a Fortune 100 financial institution producing hundreds of business conferences ranging in attendance from 100 to 5,000; managing marketing services including communications, public relations, business television, video production, and graphic design; and directing an $11 million corporate travel department.

Most recently, Eileen was recognized by SANS as one of a few select “People Who Made a Difference in Security in 2021. She has also been honored with a Women in Business Award; Progress Minnesota Award recognizing entrepreneurs and organizations that are driving business growth and economic development in Minnesota in innovative ways such as creating the Cyber Security Summit. Titans of Technology and an international Enterprising Woman of the Year Award. She is a graduate of the FBI Citizen’s Academy and an active Board Member.