2022 Women in Cyber Security

MONDAY, OCTOBER 24, 2022 | 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM


8:30 AM
Welcome by WiCyS MN and Walking in Fire
Gretchen Block, CISO, SVP, United Health Care, Optum
Judy Hatchett, VP, CISO, Surescripts; President, WiCyS MN Affiliate

Firewalking, a tradition that has been occurring for decades to test strength, courage, and faith where people watching become invested in the success of that person risking their health. There is a strong parallel between a firewalker and cyber security, and successful cybersecurity professionals know how to virtually walk in fire. Third-party risk continues to impact organizations. Teams are required to move to a 24/7 response and partner and support each other as we all walk through fire. As these threats continue to impact the world, we must act as firewalkers supporting each other, and do so with our Eyes Wide Open.

09:40 AM
Goodbye Elevator Pitch. Hello Career Accelerator
Tissa Richards, Author, Keynote Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Executive Coach

Telling Your Cybersecurity Story is critical if you’re looking to rise in your career to the C-suite or to the boardroom, and surprisingly, this session recommends you need to stop sharing your elevator pitch and start talking about the value you deliver.

An elevator pitch only tells your audience what you do and how you do it. It ignores the most important pieces like why your work matters, and why YOU and only you can deliver the outcomes that matter most. Even more important: the internalization of your value and truly understanding what matters most if you want to overcome self-doubt and imposter syndrome. This is what is going to get you the compensation package you deserve; the bigger team; the global projects; the board visibility; the promotion and so much more.

Regardless of your level, you will learn how to stop speaking elevator pitch and start speaking business outcomes from cybersecurity tech founder, former CEO, and leadership expert, Tissa Richards. Tissa works with the worlds largest private and public companies and investment management firms, and their C-suite teams, to help them level up their leadership through actionable, pragmatic coaching to experience career- and company-transforming results.

Join Tissa to learn strategies for talking to revenue, brand impact, regulatory requirements, and more. This is just the beginning in communicating your so what with the world and being taken seriously as a key asset to the business.

10:30 AM
Navigating Cyber as a Female Leader
Cindi Carter, Global CISO, Check Point Software Technologies, Ltd.
Sarah Engstrom, CISO & VP IT Security, Productivity & Privacy, CHS Inc.

Kristine Livingston, Sr. Manager, Security Operations and Incident Response, Sleep Number
Aimee Martin, Director, Information Security, Compliance and PMO, Vista Outdoor Inc.
Milinda Rambel Stone, Chief Information Security Officer, Bremer Bank

When women see others succeed in a career, they’re more likely to choose it; and for women considering a career in cyber security, there’s no shortage of inspiration.

Check Point Field CISO Cindi Carter is joined by four female leaders who are admired and respected in the field of cyber security, each sharing their unique journey, and whose contributions continue to help us create a better future.

11:30 AM
Women in Cyber Luncheon (Ticketed Event)
Julie Talbot-Hubbard, SVP, GM – Cyber Protection and Identity, Optiv
Nancy Brainerd, Senior Director, Deputy CISO, Medtronic
Lucia Milică, Resident CISO, Proofpoint

Jannell Mohn, CISO, RSM US
Beth Singer, Director of IT Compliance, CHS Inc.

Optiv is proud to be the Title Sponsor of CSS Women in Cyber Luncheon. Join Optiv’s Julie Talbot-Hubbard and our panelists comprised of current Optiv partners and clients as we share stories, challenges, opportunities and perspective on how to be resilient in today’s cyber business world.

12:30 PM
Empowering Women: A Look Into their Early/Mid Career
Lindsey Konerza, Security Engineer, University of Minnesota
Alexandra Bastian, Senior Information Security Risk Analyst, Bremer Bank

Mandie Grosskopf, Senior Consultant, Security Risk Advisors
Aanchal Manchanda, Senior Manager, Human Resources, Wipro

As women look at making that early career decision or mid career transition, opportunities and challenges come into play both at the professional and personal level. This panel of women will be discussing what we face in the security industry as we join teams, embrace leadership opportunities, and make our mark to propel us forward.

1:30 PM
Being a Better Ally in the Cyber Workplace
Karl Mattson, CISO, Noname Security
Kumar Dasani, VP, CISO, Digital River
Shayla Treadwell, Cybersecurity Executive, ECS
Ong Wang, Principal Security Analyst, Medtronic

How can allies of women in the workplace support growth and development as we navigate the challenges of industry? Please join us as we have a candid conversation around unconscious bias, creating opportunities of inclusiveness for all, and making a positive difference in the lives of women around us.

2:30 PM
Learning the Dynamics of Leadership; Mindset, Culture & Behavior
Yolanda Hunte, Executive Assistant, Wipro
Stephanie Kasten, Senior IT Manager, Third Party and Compliance Risk Management, Medtronic
Rob Marti, Managing Director, Edgile
Sujatha Sadasivuni, Partner, Account Delivery Head, Wipro

The new landscape of leadership includes an increasing number of women leaders in Cybersecurity. We will help you understand how mindset, culture and behavior are interconnected in creating dynamic leaders. Join us in a engaging session that will trigger thoughts to help unlock your potential to becoming a better leader. You will learn what authentic leaders look like and how to push change in your role and organization. By attending you will recognize the factors in your personal life that contribute to creating a dynamic leader.

Join this session to learn and discuss:
• How has the leadership landscape changed over the years
• Understanding the factors that create a thriving culture in an organization
• What does NextGen leadership look like

3:30 PM
Breaking Ceilings: A Journey to the Top
Tina Meeker, Sr. Director of Information Security, Sleep Number;
Carolann Shields, Global CISO, 3M

Join this closing fireside chat to meet the new Global Chief Information Security Officer at 3M, Carolann Shields, moderated by Tina Meeker, Cyber Security Summit Program Chair and Sr. Director of Information Security at Sleep Number, to delve into Carolann’s Journey to a Fortune 100 Global CISO as a female in the male-dominated cyber field, transformation from “Big 4” consulting to Industry, learn about her philosophy on security as a business enabler and driving cultural change within a global organization with many facets.

Networking Reception in EXPO

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