By Major Brian Morgan
May 7, 2022

We need collaboration now more than ever in the history of our craft.  The Cyber Security Summit is a fantastic platform for industry professionals to socialize emerging ideas, help screen out useful innovations and paradigm shifts, visit with security industry leaders and product vendors, and cross pollinate with security-focused government, corporate, academic, and industry security professionals at all levels.  As the DIRNSA General Nakasone says… “Partnerships are the coin of the realm.”

Army Major Brian Morgan is the current commander of the Minnesota National Guard’s 177th Cyber Protection Team, one of eight Cyber Protection Teams in the entire National Guard. He provides guidance, leadership, and oversight to the 39-person team of cyber professionals, and ensures they are trained and proficient on the team’s principal functions of intelligence-driven threat hunting, threat clearing, environment hardening, and assessing the hardening efforts. Read full bio