Sept 14, 2022

Why CSOs and CISOs are Critical in the Boardroom And How to Accelerate Your Way to a Board Director Role. If you’ve ever thought, There’s no place on a corporate board for someone with my background, You are wrong

Yes, that is the title and here is the full thought … If you’ve ever thought, There’s no place on a corporate board for someone with my background, You are wrong. 88% of boards view cybersecurity as a business risk, according to Gartner.

Addressing cyber risk must start at the top: in the boardroom. The time is now for CSOs and CISOs to take a seat at the table. Boards are identifying and bringing on more directors than ever before with technology and security expertise, strategizing how to protect brand reputation, revenue, continuity and resilience. Learn proven strategies to launch your board journey or expand your existing board portfolio from a repeat cybersecurity tech founder, former CEO, and leadership expert, Tissa Richards. Tissa works with the world’s largest private and public companies and investment management firms to diversify their boards by successfully identifying critical board candidates.
In this keynote, you’ll learn how to: Translate your operational experience into a compelling board story Talk about security in a way that resonates with non-technical board members Create a crisp, concise, and effective narrative about your career successes Get started on your journey with the right board materials Leverage your network to identify board opportunities and scale your search And, more important than anything, you’ll discover how to communicate your value in a way that is memorable and clear allowing you to be the first to come to mind when opportunities arise.

Tissa Richards, Executive Coach, is a bold, trusted, authentic technology founder, speaker and executive coach. Tissa has navigated the tough worlds of entrepreneurship, executive leadership, and fundraising. She’s founded, invested in, and run software companies in Silicon Valley, holds over a dozen software patents, and has won awards for her software products.