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Cyber Security Summit Think Tank representatives bring a fantastic mix of experience and expertise to ensure the Summit offers quality for a variety of audiences. Captain Eric Roeske of the Minnesota State Patrol is a Think Tank member who has more than 20 years of public service and additionally holds a Master of Science in Security Technologies from the University of Minnesota Technological Leadership Institute. “Serving all communities to build a safer Minnesota” is the mission of the State of Minnesota Department of Public Safety, under which the State Patrol is organized. This week’s blog highlights public sector efforts to enhance safety, protect data and focus on cyber security with an excerpt from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety strategic plan. It’s just a small part of the whole program. The Summit offers a full day Public Sector Seminar on Tuesday, October 24.  Join us as we focus on the unique considerations for state, local, tribal, territorial and other government leaders and organizations.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety Strategic Plan excerpt we highlight below can be found on page 11 within the full document https://dps.mn.gov/divisions/co/Documents/DPS-Strategic-Plan-2023-2027.pdf.  Like the State Patrol, the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) is a division of the DPS and holds primary responsibility for the security of criminal justice data. The other 18 pages include information about school safety, reducing violent crime, and enhancing crime analytics capabilities, among other topics, as well as a documented commitment to hiring and developing a more diverse workforce.

Minnesotans deserve to live in communities where they feel safe. DPS, through the efforts of many of its divisions, works to improve or maintain the safety of all Minnesotans. The strategies outlined in this priority area identify the current risks and ways the department intends to mitigate those risks to build a safer Minnesota for all.

Strategy — Protect sensitive criminal justice data from cybersecurity threats through increased IT security and compliance efforts.

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) is responsible for the appropriate maintenance and

dissemination of criminal justice information at the local, state and federal levels. The BCA provides authorized access to these data via more than 30 different systems to law enforcement, the judicial system, corrections, prosecution, public defense and other non-criminal justice agencies.

  • What we want to accomplish:

              o Manage access of authorized users to BCA data more effectively.

              o Maintain more comprehensive asset management of hardware and software.

              o Ensure hardware and software are updated to protect against vulnerabilities.

              o Improve scanning and monitoring to detect security vulnerabilities.

              o Meet FBI IT security compliance requirements.

  • What activities we will undertake to support this strategy:

              o Implement new identity and access management (IAM) system.

              o Implement new asset management tool and processes.

              o Implement new tool to automatically update hardware and software.

              o Implement real-time detection of security vulnerabilities.

              o Update BCA’s IT security policies and standards.

  • Metrics and milestones:

              o Identify new IAM solution by October 2023.

              o Implement new IAM system by June 2024.

              o Migrate BCA Priority 1 systems to new IAM system by June 2025.

              o Define and start tracking all IT assets by December 2023.

              o Implement new patch management tool to automate 90 percent of hardware and

              software updates by June 2024.

              o Implement real-time notifications for BCA’s intrusion prevention and intrusion detection

              systems by June 2024.

              o Ensure BCA has all IT security policies required by the FBI approved by June 2024.


ERIC ROESKE > Captain, Minnesota State Patrol

Captain Eric Roeske is the Director of Capitol Security and Executive Protection division of the Minnesota State Patrol.

Captain Roeske has 26 years of law enforcement experience at the municipal, county and state level. In his 22 years with the Minnesota State Patrol, he has been a patrol trooper, SWAT team member, firearms and crowd management instructor and public information officer prior to his current role.

Captain Roeske holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls and master’s degree in security technologies from the University of Minnesota Technological Leadership Institute.

You can Connect with Eric here at the Cyber Security Summit

and on Linked In at https://www.linkedin.com/in/eric-roeske-46528420/