Student Scholarships + Internships

2023 Executive Coordinators

   Aynura Berdyevva                    Cyber Summit Coordinator –          VLA Awards & Public Sector

  Sherwin Bothello                         Cyber Summit Coordinator – Healthcare & Medical Device 

 Abigail Carter                                             Cyber Summit Coordinator –        Women In Cyber Security Track

 Hind Idrissi                                               Cyber Summit Coordinator –   International Track 

                             Alex Kemp                                                                     Cyber Summit Coordinator –         Registration, Program Speakers,     Executive Support 







   Joseph Mathias                                                             Executive Summit Coordinator – Registration, Program Speakers, Executive Support

  Joseph Mylar                                                                Cyber Summit Coordinator –                              Tech Track


   Hugo Munoz                                                                        Cyber Summit Coordinator –  Industrial Cybersecurity for  Critical Infrastructure

  Mehmet Akif Uzer                                             Cyber Summit Coordinator –                   International Track


Cyber Security Coordinator

The Cyber Security Summit Coordinator interfaces with global cyber leaders across industry, government, military and academia sectors to secure Summit event presentations and speaker materials. 

Additional  pre-summit responsibilities include coordinating sector committees, publishing committee meeting notes, keeping deadline calendars, posting on social media and supporting Summit committee chairs. 

Summit onsite responsibilities include checking in speakers, writing reviews of speaker presentations and publishing Rapporteur Reports (white paper style recaps) post presentation. 

Cyber Security Coordinators have significant interaction with the world’s top Cyber professionals and as Ambassador’s for the Summit need to excel at detailed and courteous professional follow through. 

The mission of the Cyber Security Summit is to produce a multi-stakeholder consortium that brings together industry, government, and academic interests in an effort to improve the state of cyber security on both a domestic and international level.

Summit Coordinators are provided numerous opportunities is to build connections with cyber leaders.  Coordinators learn about the many different career opportunities across the cyber landscape and are exposed to the multitude of issues that arise defending our global infrastructure.

Scholarships Available for Full-time Students


Summit Internships Available May 1 – November 1

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Students and Interns | FBIJOBS

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