Visionary Security Operations Leader


This award recognizes a security practitioner or team that demonstrates innovation and outstanding oversight of security operational areas, such as monitoring, vulnerability management, incident response, or access control. Award nominations will be considered from security practitioners.
Jen VanDemmeltraadt > Deputy CISO / ICAM Program Manager,  State of Minnesota
Jen VanDemmeltraadt spent the majority of her 35-year government career working for the Executive Branch, where she is currently serving as the Interim Deputy CISO. She spent 9 years at the Judicial Branch laying the foundation for the cybersecurity program before returning to the Executive Branch in 2021 to build out the ICAM program.
Jen utilizes here experience and understanding of all the disciplines of a cybersecurity program to build meaningful strategic objectives and make recommendations to create a more effective program. She also takes a lot of pride in being an advocate and mentoring women pursuing a career in cybersecurity. She works with various programs, like STEM, promoting women inclusion.


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