TechAmerica Survey

Following a year of continued Congressional division, sequestration, a government shutdown and the troubled rollout of, IT industry association TechAmerica last week released its annual survey of federal government CIOs.

TechAmerica surveys federal government CIOs each year to gauge their ongoing priorities and concerns. In this year’s 24th annual report, that group was expanded slightly to include CISOs.

The No. 1 priority identified this year was again cyber security/IT security, which sixty-three percent of respondents identified as one of their top three priorities (more than twice as much as any other priority mentioned). In addition, two-thirds of respondents said threats to their organization increased in the last year by at least 10 percent.

Other top priorities included modernization to replace out-of-date technology, migrating to the cloud and maturing mobility.

The top challenge perceived by CIOs and CISOs was human capital or workforce issues, including workforce balancing, competency development, and attracting and retaining talent. Cyber security was the second most commonly cited challenge, followed by budgetary issues.

Other areas addressed in the report include whether legislative changes are needed, top innovations and Agile development. The complete report is available here: CIO/CISO Insights

[ image courtesy of TechAmerica ]