Tom WheelerIn remarks delivered earlier today at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C., FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler outlined his organization’s philosophy on cyber security.

Stressing the importance of network security, Wheeler noted that today information networks don’t just support the economy, they essentially are the economy.

As such, information networks aren’t ancillary; they are integral,” he said. “And their security is vital.”

Wheeler said that given the dynamic nature of the threats we face today, the new security paradigm must be based on private sector innovation and the alignment both public and private interests.

“Companies must have the capacity to assure themselves, their shareholders and boards – and their nation – of the sufficiency of their own cyber risk management practices,” he said. “These risk assessment approaches will undoubtedly differ company by company. But regardless of the specific approach a company might choose, it is crucial that companies develop methodologies that give them a meaningful understanding of their risk exposure and risk management posture that can be communicated internally and externally. That is what we are asking our stakeholders to do. Once individual companies have an understanding of their own risk posture, then we can answer follow-on questions about the appropriate way to communicate this risk to business partners, customers, and the public.”

Going forward, he also identified three central pillars for the FCC efforts: Information Sharing and Situational Awareness; Cybersecurity Risk Management and Best Practices; and Investment in Innovation and Professional Development.

Wheeler’s complete remarks are available here: Remarks of FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler

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