October 21, 2020

At the Cyber Security Summit’s Oct 27 CISO Forum, our expert panel will empower C-Suite executives and board rooms to navigate a strategic balance between the demand for digital transformation around a telecommuting workforce, and the need to conserve cash as they wait out the global crisis created by COVID-19.

Ahead of this invite-only event, a few of the panelists offered their reflections on 2020 and advice for the road ahead.

Navigating 2020’s Digital Transformation 

It’s about “more work, fewer people.” Even within the push for automation, companies will look to save costs where possible by leveraging machine learning capabilities in public cloud platforms. 

In this context, security leaders need to grow and guard their security talent with care. Automation is not the answer for everything, especially in threat identification and analysis. People – good people – are, and will likely always be, the most important part.

Andrew Howard, CEO, Kudelski Security, Inc.

2020 has been filled with many challenges – pandemic, riots, violence, and social unrest. As a cyber security leader, we are uniquely equipped for such times as these. We have been operating in similar modes in cyber for years. Leadership takes courage and the willingness to stand for principles. Make the right priority decisions and remain calm. Most of all, stand firm and remain vigilant. Time to practice what we are uniquely asked to do. Be bold, be confident, and be smart.  Never back down from your true calling. The world needs leaders.

Steve Jensen, President & CEO, SunStream Business Services

Andrew Borene

I believe we’ll look back on 2020 as a positive inflection point for American cybersecurity, national security, and innovation across industry verticals. My optimism may sound a little contrarian, but 2020’s challenges are prompting a renaissance in security. We now see C-suites, capital markets, and US government leaders taking action to defend against foreign-government sponsored advanced attacks on our infrastructure and people. Comprehensive defenses are being built to defend critical supply chains against foreign espionage, technical malops and social engineering, while vital US public-private-partnerships are being improved in the real world and in real time.

Andrew Borene, Managing Director, Cybereason

In addition to these leaders, the CISO Forum will also feature James Eckhart (Chief Security Officer, Microsoft) and Jason Hicks (Global CISO, Kudelski Security). If you are a CISO or C-Suite executive and would like to attend this invite-only event, please reach out to Cyber Security Summit’s Eileen Manning.