By Tina Meeker
May 19, 2022

If you went back in time ten years, five years… or even two years ago and somebody told you about all the events going on in the world today, would you have believed them? Cybersecurity practitioners have always had to deal with a lot of complexities, but today’s macro and global environment is exponentially more complicated (and dangerous!) than it has ever been. From pandemics, a war in Europe, ransomware attacks, hacktivism, worker and food shortages and supply chain constraints (the list goes on). More than ever cybersecurity leaders and practitioners need to stay ahead of the game and be constantly on alert, or “eyes wide open”

Eyes. Wide. Open. is the theme for the 12th Annual Cyber Security Summit this October 24-26 well placed during the beautiful autumn season in Minneapolis, Minnesota! Our intention is to return to an in-person conference this year including a virtual option. 

As chair of the Program Committee this year, I am honored to partner closely with our Cyber Security Summit Think Tank to develop the biggest and best CyberSecurity Summit yet! (check out the impressive roster of Think Tank members here!).  I am already excited to see how this  event is shaping up. We have already locked in speakers and industry thought leaders (to be announced soon!) that are world renowned, and unique content you do not typically see at a Cybersecurity conference. The Cyber Security Summit Think Tank’s goal is to build and execute an event THEY want to attend, and YOU want to attend. We acknowledge there are a plethora of conferences and like events you can choose from. We cannot wait to share more exciting details in the coming weeks and months with you.

Even though our program is still in its early stages, we are excited to see how it is framing up. We are very much looking forward to sharing knowledge and providing a second-to-none networking opportunity with the cybersecurity community again in our 12th year. We hope that you will partner with us as cyber security leaders and practitioners both in the public and private sector to come together, Eyes. Wide. Open. as a global community.

Stay tuned and see you in October!

Tina is a highly accomplished Senior Information Security & Compliance Executive and Entrepreneur with more than 15 years of success in the retail, banking, technology, and medical device industries. Read full bio.