This month we are highlighting one of our premier keynote speakers, Beth Sanner. While she needs no introduction to cyber industry professionals, her name is known, we thought you might appreciate an update on what she will be sharing with us and her impressive cyber credentials.


Adversaries Turning to Cyber as Weapon of Choice
Growing global competition and conflict, amplified by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, are shifting the threat environment for nations and the private sector alike. Many of our adversaries are using, sponsoring, or planning to use cyber-attacks on Western companies and critical infrastructure for a variety of reasons, including moneymaking, stealing intellectual property, revenge, and potential war. As a result, companies in every sector need to be prepared for a larger range of threats than ever before. But there is some good news. The US government and its Allies are focusing on these challenges more than ever before and partnering with private sector firms to more quickly understand and address cyber threats.

Following a welcome by our 12th Annual Cyber Security Summit Co-chairs and Executive Producer, Beth Sanner will set the stage for an engaging two days of summit programming that follows our Technical Session day, beginning on Tuesday morning.


With 35 years of experience in national security including two decades of senior leadership in the CIA and the Office of the Director for National Intelligence, Beth Sanner has direct experience in looking over the horizon to identify both risks and opportunities facing companies today. She brings deep knowledge of the threat environment spanning such issues as cyber, supply-chain bottlenecks, economic crises, and great power competition. Having briefed multiple presidents—including two years as President Trump’s intelligence briefer—cabinet officials, and congressional and military leaders, she has a proven ability to communicate insight and complexity with clarity.