In our increasingly connected world, the reality of dangerous cyber threats is intensifying, and the U.S. government plans to take action.

According to a release from The White House’s Office of the Press Secretary, President Obama wants to build upon steps he has already taken — including his BuySecure initiative, launched last year — to ensure American companies, consumers, and infrastructures are protected from cyber threats.

“If we’re going to be connected, then we need to be protected,” President Obama said in remarks at the Federal Trade Commission offices.

President Obama highlighted the measures he plans to pursue, which will be further discussed during his State of the Union Address tonight. His plans included legislative proposals for The Personal Data Notification & Protection Act and The Student Digital Privacy Act, partnerships with large organizations and departments, a revision of The Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights Legislation, and a Voluntary Code of Conduct for Smart Grid Customer Data Privacy.

The State of the Union will be broadcast at 9 p.m. Eastern tonight.

[ image courtesy of whitehouse.gov ]