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Public Sector Workshop

For full session details, see page 12 in the online 2023 Summit Guide.

Present Perspectives: Simple

Evan Francen

Ethical AI: Demystifying the Moral Compass of Technology

Ted Goessling, Mary Frantz, Evan Francen, Shawn Riley

Streamlining Cybersecurity for 2024 and Beyond

Bryan Schneider, Gene Stanilevskiy

You Need Friends in the Cyber Fight

Chris Luhman, Faisal Kaleem, Karla Larson, Arnoldo Martinez, Matt McCullough

Lessons from the Front Line

Shaheem Motlekar, Eric Brown, Stefanie Horvath, Nicole Pruden, Jen VanDemmeltraadt

Energy Sector Cybersecurity Partnership

Christopher Watkins, Eric Peterson, Bill Leifheit, Steen Fjalstad

State and Local Cyber Grant Program

John Israel, Jennifer Czaplewski, Nicole Pruden

Women in Cyber Tech Sessions

For full session details, see page 16 in the online 2023 Summit Guide.

Building a Resilient Career – Navigating the Ever-Changing Landscape

Lindsey Konerza, Chip Laingen, Aimee Martin, Ruth Soucie

Strengthening your Resilience Muscle to Move From Stuck to Success

Steve Stark, Jaime Taets

Ready, Set, Relevant!

Cindi Carter

Women in Cyber Luncheon: The Importance of Building Your Personal Brand

Nancy Brainerd, Heather Rim

Diversity Drives Success: Mastering Leadership in Inclusive Teams

Kristy Livingtson, Devan Koss, Kelly Stahlberg, Amy Treadwell

If You See Her, You Can Be Her!

Judy Hatchett, Angelica Imhoede, Mary Braunwarth, Jessa Gegax

Stepping Into Your Fear

Yolanda Hunte, Sunny Dery, Mercy Schroeder, Molly McLain Sterling

Women in Cyber Sessions Summary: Strengths & Strategies

Loren Dealy Mahler, Tina Meeker 

Technical Sessions / Workforce Workshop

For full session details, see page 18 in the online 2023 Summit Guide.

Cyber Crime is a Market-Driven Underground Economy

Terry McGraw

How to Ensure People Can Have Secure Access While Safeguarding Data With a SASE Architecture

Todd Bursch, Erik Scoralick

What Security Professionals Can Learn from Shipbuilders

Daniel Thuss

Driving Cultural Change: Mending the Bond Between Security and Development

Brent Beer

OT Security Engineering

Rees Machtemes

Unmasking AWS Deceptions: Unraveling Cloud Security’s Sneaky Side

Itay Nachum

3 Ways to Use Observability Pipelines to Transform Your SIEM Architecture For Tomorrow’s Challenges

Ed Bailey

Kernel Level Security Vs. Traditional Methods: Unveiling Unprecedented Cyber Defense

Tony Chiappetta

Metaverse-Ready Leaders Leverage LinkedIn

Wendy Meadley

Modernizing Your Governance, Risk and Compliance Program in the Age of Technological Innovation.

Michael Siegrist

Practical Lessons from Cloud Secret Exploitation

Neil Carpenter

Hacking the Cloud: A Play-by-Play Attack on Github, Okta, and Salesforce

Stephen Frethem

Red Team, Take Two: Business & Consultant Insights on Penetration Testing

Brett DeWall, Kristi Yauch

The Weaponization of DNS

Chad Hurt

Workforce Workshop: Tackle the Talent Gap: Recruit, Engage, and Retain – Part I

Moderators: Leah Phifer, Tim Herman  

Panel A: Remote Work — Ria Neuendorff, Mamady Konneh, Myles Shaver

Panel B: Degree Requirements — Eric Ong, Sara Berger, Shawn Riley

Panel C: Connecting Dots for HR & Hiring Managers — Leah Phifer, Al Lerberg, Shayla Treadwell

Workforce Workshop: Tackle the Talent Gap: Recruit, Engage, and Retain – Part II

Mamady Konneh, Ria Neuendorff, Myles Shaver, Shawn Riley, Eric Ong, Shayla Treadwell, Sara Berger, Leah Phifer, Al Lerber

Industrial Critical Function Security Seminar

For full session details, see page 24 in the online 2023 Summit Guide.

Securing the Evolution of Cyber-Physical Systems

Chris Blauvelt, Adam Dauphinais

The State of IOT/OT Threats in 2023

Christofer Sears

The Daily Grind of an IOT/OT Cybersecurity Engineer

Christofer Sears

Prevent the Possibility: A Case for Deception to Protect Against a Breach

Kevin Mayoros

Building Strong IoT Systems with Your Vendor

Christofer Sears, Elad Rave, Mike Musto, Chris Blauvelt

Resilient Networks: Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Ransomware with Zero Trust

Tony Chiappetta

Healthcare & Med Device Seminar

For full session details, see page 26 in the online 2023 Summit Guide.

Healthcare & Medical Device Welcome

Peter Kapelanski

What You Need to Know: the New FDA Medical Device Security Requirements

Steve Currie, Ron Kuriscak

Designing Cyber-Resilient Medical Devices

Nancy Brainerd

The Internet of Medical Things | Securing the Expanding Attack Surface

Darrell Kesti

Secure by Design: Navigating the Complexities of Medical Device Cybersecurity

Peter Kapelanski, Ken Hoyme

Beyond Buzzwords: Practical Strategies for an IT-Centric Healthcare Information Security Culture

Yan Kravchenko

Building Resilience: Fortifying Healthcare Cybersecurity

Daniel Arnott, Dayna Wittmer, Chad Svihel, Teresa Luke

Bridging Hearts and Hardware: How To Humanize Healthcare With AI

Matthew Winterer

International Dinner

Building a Global Vision for Cyber Resilience

Andrew Bochman, Senior Grid Strategist, Idaho National Laboratory
The Cyber Security Summit gathers attendees from dozens of countries. This dinner is to welcome and connect those international attendees and US executives whose businesses operate internationally or are impacted by international events with the goal of strengthening our global connections in cyber security and securing the internet.

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Wednesday General Session

For session description, see page 32 in the online 2023 Summit Guide.

Student Career Breakfast

Chris Luhman
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Summit Welcome & Opening Remarks

Eileen Manning, Tina Meeker, Sean Costigan

Lidia’s Lessons in Resilience

Evan Francen

Deserving the Cybersecurity Budget You Need

Ira Winkler

Critical Infrastructures: Proactive Security & Resilience

Matthew Vatter

Bridging Realms: Strategies for Society and Resilience in Cyberspace

Jennifer Giroux

Guardians of the Cyberverse

Tina Meeker, Sean Costigan, Sylvain Leblanc, Paul Veeneman

CISO Luncheon – The Journey to Human Risk Management

Greg Peterson, Jeff Platon, Martina Holma

Island Keynote – Threat Intelligence Imperatives

Brian Kenyon

Integrating Cyber Threat Intelligence Into The Risk Management Program

Danielle Taylor, Faith MacGregor

Breakout Session: Data Protection’s Critical Role in Modern Cybersecurity Response Strategies

Vidya Shankaran

Breakout Session: Social Engineering: Training The Human Firewall

Reanna Schultz

Breakout Session: Today’s Threat Landscape Requires Unique Capabilities

Shawn Taylor

Breakout Session: CISA Ready Set Cyber

Mark Robinson

Breakout Session: Cyber Insurance and Cybersecurity Liability Risk Management

Tim Keogh

Breakout Session: What Are We Doing Here – Rethinking Security

Jeff Man

Visionary Leadership Awards

For program description and honorees, see page 30 in the online 2023 Summit Guide.

Visionary Leadership Awards Ceremony

Chris Buse, Nancie Williams, Dawn McCarty, Derek Walker, Jen Van Demmeltraadt, Judy Hatchett, Kavitha Srinivasulu, Matthew Vatter, Scott Singer, Sylvain Leblanc, Ashley Mancuso

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Domenick Allen and CyberRocks at the Visionary Leadership Awards

Domenick Allen

Watch Domenick Allen and CyberRocks Show

Thursday General Session

For session description, see page 36 in the online 2023 Summit Guide.

WiCyS Women in Cyber Breakfast

Judy Hatchett, Tina Meeker

Intern Showcase

Abigail Carter, Alex Kemp, Joseph Mylar, Hugo Munoz, Michelle Greeley

Open Source – Pulling Back the Curtain for Enterprise Adoption

Kelley Misata

Data Privacy – A Cornerstone for Security

Beth Singer

An AI Odyssey: Navigating the Frontier – From Ancient Dreams to Cybersecurity Realities

Allen Badeau

Using AI For Effective SecOps

Drew Perry

Legislative Luncheon: Integrated Perspectives

Paul Hershberger, Loren Dealy Mahler

Is AI Really a Teenager Out of Control?

Erik Navratil, Elwin Loomis

The BISO’s Role in Building Partnership and Bringing Business Context to Cybersecurity

John Mracek

Reflections on a Cyber Life

Tony Sager

State Breach Notification Laws Aren’t Working…But They Could

Paul Vaaler

The FRSecure Annual State of InfoSec Report

Oscar Minks

Adapting to the Unpredictable: A Look at Human Resilience and Cyber Resilience

Akash Verma

The Future of Cyber/Cyber K-12 (Cyber Sports League)

Shawn Riley

Summit Wrap Up and Take Away

Daniel Cunningham, LorenDealy Mahler

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